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When it comes to employee recruitment and job placement, Rabbit Consulting in Atlanta, GA is the company to trust. Our team offers our in-depth knowledge and experience in the field to help you find the most competent and fitting personnel for your business. Through our exemplary employee recruitment services, we will strengthen your workforce and guide you towards a more stable and progressive future.

Achieve a Healthy Workplace Environment

Here at our company, we believe that “great people make great companies.”

Corporate anthropological research indicates that the success of major conglomerates is highly co-related with the trust factor that the management creates at their workplace. A confident workplace has the capability to channelize the true potential of its employees and foster the expression and interaction of dynamic ideas, eventually leading to the emergence of a culture of innovation. An organization attaining such a work culture excels in every aspect and achieves the most coveted attribute in our industry – “true admiration of the customers/consumers.”


We believe that within the foundation of creating such an organizational trust factor lies the deep symbiotic bond between the requirements of a job and identifying the person motivated to perform the necessary functions related to it. Finding the apt person for a particular role requires a deep sense of two important factors: a) the analytical requirements of the role and b) the emotional needs of the resource. A holistic analysis of the two factors mixed with the broad context of organizational goals, current marketplace, and the technology landscape leads to the identification of optimized resource structure for projects and in-turn companies.

Employ the Perfect Personnel Today!

The next time you require employee recruitment services, you know where to go. Our superb handling of the job placement and contract assignment processes has made us the IT placement company of choice of countless clients nationwide. Give us a call or send us a message today to learn more about our services. We look forward to serving you!

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